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Proactol XS is a fat binder especially suited for people who cannot resist eating fat-rich foods.  The manufacturer states that over forty (40) clinical studies have proven it to be effective.  It also helps suppress your appetite by causing you to feel “full” longer and preventing frequent snack or hunger cravings.

Pass It Along

Ingested fat binds to Proactol XS and then passes through your system.

Proactol XS

And this is the result!

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Start Getting Your Results Today

How Proactol XS Works

Natural fibers in Proactol XS attach to ingested fat molecules making those molecules too big to be absorbed into your system. The result of that process is that you lose weight safely and naturally.

It contains the high-purity fat binder chitosan which can absorb 800 times its weight in fat.

Take a look at the below image which depicts that Proactol XS binds itself to fat in amounts at least 800 times its own weight and 33% more efficiently than other fat burning products.

Simply Amazing

Ingredients in Proactol XS

  • Chitosan is a sugar that is obtained from the hard outer skeleton of shellfish including crab, lobster and shrimp, and is known for its ability to aid weight management. Chitosan binds to fat and helps reduce fat absorption in the digestive tract.
  • Chitosan is what enables Proactol XS to work.  There are no other active ingredients, but it does contain Magnesium Stearate Silica (capsule), Hypromellose (HPMC) and Titanium Dioxide.
Best Fat Binder

Dosage and instructions for use

The recommended dosage is 2 capsules 15 minutes before each main meal with a large glass of water.  Do not exceed the recommended dosage.  

What it does to your body (side effects)

Bauer Nutrition (the manufacturer) claims that it is medically certified product with no known medically negative side effects.


I bought this product so I could reduce my hunger cravings while on the Atkins diet. I literally followed the dosage and saw results fast.

I didn’t have any headaches while taking this product and I wouldn’t feel hungry for hours. While on my diet I would walk 2 miles around the block 3 times a week and lost 22 pounds in a week.

I think I wouldn’t have gotten these results with dieting alone.

By: Jlyncruz

Title: Customer

It Will Work For You Too

Proactol XS 
does what it says it will do!

This truly is the best fat binder on the market.  There are numerous other testimonials like the ones shown.

Proactol XS

Pros & Benefits of Proactol XS

  1. 1
     Contains no gluten, lactose, milk protein or cholesterol
  2. 2
     Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  3. 3
     Helps decrease food cravings
  4. 4
     No Side Effects Reported
  5. 5
     No Prescription Required
  6. 6
     Multi-Buy Discounts frequently available
  7. 7
     Free Worldwide Shipping
  8. 8
     Clinically proven fat binder
  9. 9
     Decreases total cholesterol
  10. 10
     Decreases blood pressure

Cons or Negatives of Proactol XS

It is not for everyone that wants/needs to lose weight.

  1. 1
      A fat binder will only work on fat, so if you eat a lot of carbs or sugars then it probably won't help you that much.
  2. 2
    And, if you are already on a low-fat diet and want to lose weight then, honestly, Proactol XS is probably not for you.  Please read about our other products and you will find a lose weight supplement that will work better for you.  

More positives About Proactol XS

it is

One of the longest selling fat binders on the market. It has won several awards and is backed by one of the most reputable and acclaimed maker of weight loss supplements in the industry. Hundreds of thousands of people have purchased it online since 2009.


  good NEWS

One issue with other fat blockers such as Alli (Xenical) is that they can lead to the undesirable effect of oily stools. You can not prevent this undesirable effect if you take such a fat blocker.  But, GOOD NEWS, you can avoid this unpleasant result if you take an all-natural fat blocker or binder like Proactol XS. 

why you should buy Proactol XS

If you enjoy a high fat diet then you really should buy Proactol XS because it is an all-natural formula that, when used in conjunction with a balanced diet and fitnesst will help you achieve your ultimate health goals. The supplement helps reduce the amount of fat your body stores, leaving you feeling lean, healthy and more fit.

You can start "losing" today!

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The Manufacturer is Offering a "Three for the Price of Two" Special

Company reputation

Bauer Nutrition is an acclaimed provider/manufacturer of numerous wellness and health products.

It is a company that has proven that it can be trusted.

A great reputation is one of the most powerful things a company can have. 

Read the Bauer Nutrition online reviews and you will see that Bauer is known for providing outstanding products and high-quality customer service.

You can buy their products with confidence.


60 Days no questions asked

Purchasers (of one or multiple bottles) get a no-argument,  hassle-free 60 day money back guarantee.  This makes your purchase completely risk free.  What do you have to lose?  Weight, of course.

Pricing and Packaging Details

Proactol XS is packaged in bottles containing 60 capsules.  The price for one bottle is $49.95.  And you can purchase 3 bottles for just $99.90 which brings the price down to less than $35 per bottle.  

There is free world wide shipping.

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Take Advantage of this Special Offer


Our review has been thorough.  We conclude that Proactol XS is one of, probably the, best fat blockers (binders) you can buy.  


Is there a special diet to follow with Proactol XS?

No special diet is needed.

Can I buy Proactol XS from Amazon?

No, it has to be bought from the manufacturer.

How long will one bottle of 60 capsules last?

You should take 2 capsules three times daily, 15 minutes before each main meal.  If you do that, then each bottle will last 10 days.  We suggest buying multiple bottles at a reduced per bottle price to get maximum weight loss benefit for your money.

How long has Proactol XS been on the market?

Since 2009, with hundreds of thousands of sales.

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