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PHENQ review

This prescription-free best-selling #1 rated powerful weight loss supplement combines  multiple weight loss benefits in a single pill.  It doesn't get better than that!

What A Difference

One of the best things about PhenQ  is its power in having multiple weight loss supplements in just one pill.  This makes your weight loss easier, faster and more effective than having to manage several different supplements to achieve your weight loss goal.

Works For Men & Women

 This can be you!    Join tens of thousands of happy satisfied weight losing customers.  HUGE SAVINGS are available right now on multi-bottle purchases.

She Is a Happy Lady

PhenQ is now sold in over 140 countries and is rated the #1Top Diet Pill Of The Year in 2020.    That is because it works in so many different ways.  The manufacturer claims that you can ditch all other weight loss pills, this one is the only one you need.

PHENQ Works in 5 ways at once - which makes it very popular

All In A Single Pill

1.  BURN STORED FAT - PhenQ increases the metabolic rate of your body while increasing the fat burning process. This is accomplished by a chemical process called thermogenesis which raises your body temperature and maximizes fat burning.

2.  STOP FAT PRODUCTION - Ingredients in the formula actually help stop the production of new fat.

3.  SUPPRESS YOUR APPETITE - We all get hunger cravings and at times have too many snacks, enemies of weight loss.  PhenQ has ingredients that will curb your appetite. 

4.  BOOST YOUR ENERGY -  We all get hunger cravings and at times have too many snacks, the enemies of weight loss.  PhenQ has ingredients that will curb your appetite.

5.  Improve Your Mood - Some people (most?) get irritable and cranky when starting a weight loss program.  Fortunately, the manufacturer of PhenQ put some calming mood enhancing ingredients in the formula to help alleviate this common problem with weight loss supplements. 

No wonder PhenQ is so popular!  

Some of the Main Ingredients in PhenQ - not including the "secret Ingredient"

Some of PhenQ's main ingredients include:
  • Caffeine
  • L-Carnitine
  • Chromium Picolinate
  • Capsicum Extract

    Caffeine, among other benefits, increases body temperature and helps burn fat.


    L-Carnitine is an amino acid that aids in creating energy from fats already stored in the body.


    Chromium Picolinate helps curb sugar cravings that cause undesirable weight gain.


    Capsicum Extract turns up the body heat causing more calories to be burned.

    The PhenQ Label

    PhenQ Ingredients

    Dosage and instructions for use

    Take two daily, one PhenQ capsule with breakfast and another with lunch.  You should not take a capsule after 3 pm and products with caffeine may need to be discontinued while you are losing weight with PhenQ.   

    What it does to your body (side effects)

    There are no reported side effects by the manufacturer.  But, patients with pre-existing health problems of any kind should consult with their doctor or health practitioner before they take PhenQ.


    Lost 20lbs. In just 5 months!

    I wanted to lose weight and play with my kids. This was, for me, an impossible thing. Thanks to PhenQ, I’m fit and slim can have fun with my kids.

    By: Valerie O.


    Weight Loss: Lost 20lbs in 3 months


    I started facing weight issues after giving birth twice. But with the help of PhenQ, I started eating healthier and gave up on junk foods. Within a week I saw results. I lost a total of 20lbs in 3 months! Guys who want to take weight loss pills for dropping pounds take my advice – Don’t try fad diets. I have tried them and got no results. Give PhenQ a try and trust me you’ll love it. It’s totally incredible and I am going to continue to use it when I fully reach my ideal weight loss.

    By: April R.


    Pros & Benefits of PhenQ

    1. 1
       Althought it is not FDA approved, it is produced in a FDA Pharmaceutical   Registered Laboratory.  
    2. 2
       It is vegetarian and vegan friendly.
    3. 3
       There is no prescription required.
    4. 4
       There is free worldwide shipping.
    5. 5
       It has a 60-day no-risk money back guarantee.
    6. 6
       Huge multi-package purchase discounts are offered.

    Cons or Negatives of PhenQ

    1. 1
       The price is higher than other weight loss supplements for a one-month supply.  But that negative is mitigated because of its "single pill" feature and the substantial discounts available when buying multi-month package deals. 
    2. 2
      Heavy coffee drinkers may have to reduce or curtail their coffee consumption if they find that PhenQ gives them enough of their daily caffeine "dose".

    More positives About PhenQ


    PhenQ contains a patented secret ingredient - It is a trademarked formula called Alpha-Lacys Reset. Clinical trials prove it to decrease body weight and body fat and increase muscle mass. Compared to a placebo control group, people taking Alpha-Lacys Reset :

    1.  Lost 7.24% of their body fat.

    2.  Lost 3.44% of their body weight.

    3.  Increased 3.80% of their muscle         mass.

    No other weight loss supplement has this formularized patented ingredient.


    A BONUS – A $191.35 value -

    This will be shown to you only on the Checkout page.  GET TEN FREE BONUS GUIDES with ANY size PhenQ order.  You will get nutrition and workout guides, diet and detox programs, meal plans, a logbook for your meals and a lot more! These guides are professionally designed to assist you in losing your weight healthier and faster.  These free guides will be available for you to download as soon as you purchase 1 or more bottles of PhenQ.

    why you should buy PhenQ

    It is a new (released in 2015) all natural alternative to the prescription weight loss drug phentermine.  It is the most powerful non-prescription legally available fat burner on the market with no known dangerous side effects.  It has proven results in a single pill and has a no risk money back guarantee making it an excellent purchase if you are serious about losing weight.

    You can start "losing" today!

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    The Manufacturer is Currently Offering Several Multi-Buy Discounts

    The manufacturer is Wolfson Berg Limited

    Wolfson Berg Limited has established a high level of trust with its customers for over 10 years.  Offices are located worldwide, with its home office in the United States.  It is dedicated to providing its customers with supplements, foods and beauty products aimed at helping them achieve a new level of well-being.   The company is highly acclaimed. 

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    money back

    60 day risk free money back Guarantee

    Risk free

    60 Days Money Back Guarantee

    Make your purchase with confidence that PhenQ is going to work for you. We say this because the manufacturer is so confident that you are going to be completely satisfied that is allows you to return 2 empty bottles after 60 days along with any unopened bottles for a complete refund for all bottles you purchased. You do need to pay return shipping charges, but that's fair.

    Pricing and Why a multi-purchase pack makes sense

    Please read this entire section before making your PhenQ purchasing decision.

    You can buy one bottle, a 30-day supply (quantity of 60), at a $10 discount from the regular price of $79.95.

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    Buy a 30-day supply for $69.95 ($1.16 per pill)

    Although one bottle may be enough for you if you are only very slightly overweight, if you have a lot of weight to lose it makes sense to take advantage of the currently available bulk-buy options because doing so will bring down the cost per pill.  According to some studies it normally takes 66 days to break bad habits, so you may need to have a second bottle (a 60-day supply) on hand. 

    But guess what?  If you do buy a second bottle you are going to get a third bottle free.  Buy two bottles for $139.90 and get ONE FREE, giving you a 90-supply (quantity of 180) for only $139.90.

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    Buy a 90-day supply for $139.90 ($.78 per pill)

    That is enough pills to last for 90 days. If you reach your target weight goal before 90 days is up, and do not need to use all of that third bottle you will not be wasting any money because the third bottle was free anyway.

    But people who have a lot of weight to lose should consider going ahead and buying three bottles of PhenQ for a huge discount on the per pill price.

    How much is “huge”?  If you buy three bottles for $189.95 you are going to get two more bottles FREE. 

    So that is five total bottles, a 150-day supply (quantity of 300), for only $189.95.

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    Buy a 150-day supply for $189.95 ($.64 per pill)

    It just makes sense, if you have a lot of weight to lose, to pay for three bottles and receive five rather than having to place five individual orders and pay the full price every time.


    PhenQ is for you if you want to lose weight by using a single weight loss multi-function diet supplement pill.  It simply does what it says it will do.  

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    If I am pregnant can I take PhenQ?

    No, pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take PhenQ.  And, it is always advisable to talk with your physician before taking PhenQ or any similar product.

    If I have questions after I buy PhenQ can I contact the manufacturer directly with my questions?

    Yes, the manufacturer can be contact by phone, by email or by completing an online contact form.

    How secure is my purchase transaction?

    Your transaction is safe.  PhenQ processes all payments with a 2048-bit encrypted server – the same level of security used by major banking institutions.  Major credit and debit cards are accepted.

    I am a diabetic and need to lose weight.  Can I take PhenQ?

    Not unless your doctor tells you it is safe. 

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