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This Really Works


Overview of The 15-DAY Di.et PLAN

  • Di.et promises to help you lose up to 15 pounds in 15 days.
  • Di.et fits perfectly with the growing trend for a holistic approach to weight loss.

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Kickstart Your Metabolism

The Di.et PLAN relies on proven scientific methods to quickly increase your metabolism which, of course, results in quicker weight loss.

You Won't Need It!

This PLAN has it all: Detailed nutrition, exercise, and motivational step-by-step guides. Plus
comprehensive friendly meal plans (veggie, vegan, meat lover and more).

Shed that Unwanted Body Fat

There is no guesswork involved in this PLAN - you can almost literally watch your body fat melt away.


Mary C., United States

My friends laughed when I bought a bikini for my upcoming holiday, but 3 weeks later they were amazed. Losing 15 pounds with Di.et has changed my life and given me confidence. By the way, I had the best holiday ever!

David C., Canada

I have always struggled with my weight and had to get things under control. So far, I lost 10 lb in the first 7 days by following the diet and workout guide to the T. I’m rather impressed! I will definitely recommend it.

You no doubt have heard the old adage that if you fail to PLAN then you plan to FAIL. This is probably true with weight loss as much or more than anything else. Do you have a real PLAN? This plan is real and it comes with a 75-day guarantee. What have you got to lose? Weight, right? Get started today.

Pros, Cons and Why we like The 15-DAY Di.et PLAN


One of our BEST weight loss solutions because:

  • It does not require the purchase of any supplements.
  • The PLAN is presented in very easy to use format.
  • The PLAN works for vegetarians, vegans and meat lovers.
  • It does not require the purchase of any equipment.
  • Fat burning Super Foods are disclosed and discussed.
  • The PLAN is presented in very easy to use format.
  • Affordable!
  • It works!


No product is perfect. A few cons are:

  • You have to follow the plan exactly as it is to lose weight within those 15 days (that should not be a surprise).
  • A few people would prefer printed guides rather than a digital download.
  • It’s about balanced dieting, so you can’t overindulge in one food over the other.


We Really Like The 15-DAY Di.et PLAN because:

  • We like the fact that this PLAN was designed by qualified nutritionists and personal trainers. And, it is a suitable weight loss program for both men and women.
  • The five included guides are down to earth and contain everything needed to begin a successful weight loss program. Everything easily downloads so you can get a quick start.
  • The cost, $45 (recently discounted from the old $99 price), is about the price of a nice meal. Buy this PLAN and skip that one meal and you are on your way to successful weight loss.
  • Finally, we like it because IT WORKS! Get started today and enjoy the journey to success!

More Testimonials

The testimonials on this page are real and the 15-Day Di.et PLAN is just as real. I have not found any other plan that is as affordable with a money back guarantee. Simply stated, there are five guides that combine to make a complete "bible" for the proper steps (with a little effort on your part) to successfully lose weight and then maintain that weight loss. No supplements to purchase, no equipment to buy. Just a PLAN that really works!

Above by: I'm a (weight) loser!

I dropped 2 dress sizes and felt amazing at the same time. I’m not going to lie, it’s hard work for 15 days but thanks to the guidance and motivation by the Diet guide and team, I reached my wedding weight goal. Thanks guys!

Above by: Linda S., United States


The 15-DAY Di.et PLAN 
does what it says it will do!

The Publisher just knocked over $50 off the regular price.  Use the below link to get the new price. 

75-Day Guarantee
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 Summary - The 15-DAY 


You get five detailed guides

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Over $50 Off Regular Price
  • 1. Introduction Guide
  • 2. Diet Guide
  • 3. Workout Guide
  • 4. Supplement Guide
  • 5. Maintenance Guide

The Publisher commits: If you follow everything that’s outlined in Di.et’s 15-Day Plan and commit yourself fully, you are guaranteed to lose 6-15 lb of pure body fat. If you don’t see results, simply write us back anytime in the first 75 days after your purchase and we’ll gladly provide you with a full refund.


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In just 15 days you can: lose up to 15 pounds, lose belly fat, lose thigh fat, not go hungry. You will eat a balanced nutritional diet and visibly see the results you are looking for. All of this by following a PLAN that costs about as much as a nice meal.

Get The PLAN today.

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This is The 15-DAY Di.et PLAN Verified Website

Frequently asked questions about The 15-Day Di.et PLAN

Do I get any hard-copy/printed material?

No, you get an easy download of all 5 guides in an easy to read format. You can then print pages as desired.

Can I eat meat on The 15-DAY Di.et PLAN?

Yes to meat! Also yes to vegetarians and vegans.

Do I need to buy any supplements to go along with this PLAN?

No supplements to buy (and no equipment to buy).

Is weight loss guaranteed?

Yes, if you follow the guides. And, as explained above, there is a 75-day money back guarantee if you don't lose weight.

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